The Great Saltair



Located in Magna, The Great Saltair sits on the shore of the Great Salt Lake. The Great Salt Lake has been a popular recreation site since the earliest days of Utah settlement, and a number of resorts have been built on its shores since the first two were constructed in 1870. The most popular and the best-remembered resort was the early Saltair. An important cultural symbol, it is deeply embedded in Utah’s history and has long interested artists, essayists, folklorists, and historians.

In 2005 several investors from the music industry pooled together to purchase Saltair and are holding regular concerts there. Bands like Dave Matthews Band, The Black Crowes, Evanescence, Panic at the Disco and other notable hip-hop music and rock music acts have all performed there.


Saltair’s ownership welcomes all types of events from concerts, comedy, private functions, trade shows, wedding receptions, sporting events, car shows, etc. The venue is also available for rent.